The Sighs, The Fish Factory June 2019

I collaborated with Franky Williams in a residency at The Fish Factory, Penryn, Cornwall. (We were fortunate enough to be able to take up a studio there recently). An aspect of our collaboration, as in previous collaborations, was to generate work in an improvisatory way using mainly materials to hand. In particular we wanted to work with some sculptural paintings that I had been making. We were both interested in how framing constrains and operates on our attention and how we could escape the frame and the effects of this. One aim was to realise aspects of these three dimensional paintings on a large scale by building a large multifaceted structure. Consequently we built a three dimensional structure in the Photo-room at the Fish Factory which could be called an installation or immersive but was also sculptural and operated with multiple frames. The structure filled the Photo-room and the viewer experienced it from the front, the entry point and from inside where there were material, sculptural, mechanical, moving image and sound elements as well as other viewers who might be present.

Over the course of this residency colours, materials, objects, chats and ongoing everyday life sparked off ideas and other associations that may not seem obvious or at the forefront, in particular the ambivalent nature of the colour yellow and the inescapable yellow of the fluorescent light that flooded the room and how we could deal with that. There was a lot of sighing and an interest in the ambivalent idea of sighing. We sigh in impatience, ironically, in fun but also in a kind of despair and sadness and this led to notion of The Three Sorrows ( see link to The Fish Factory webpage on our residency here). The remaining images below are details from the installation.